Residential projects are often the most challenging and the most rewarding for us to become involved with. Our customers bring us a wide variety of challenges. In most cases, we can develop solutions that allow us to make the repair or perform the restoration ON SITE! That’s right, we do nearly 70% of our repairs in your home! That means no pick-up and delivery, no moving items in and out of the house, no disturbance to the daily routine of the typical household. Some are fairly simple – repairing broken or loose joints or touching up damage from vacuum cleaners. Others can be more challenging like water damage or severe structural issues.

In many cases, we find that the pieces we are working on are family heirlooms like cedar chests, rocking chairs or bedroom and dining room suits that have been handed down through the years. These are particularly rewarding to complete as we realize we are restoring pieces that will likely get passed down for the next generation to enjoy and use as well.

We have successfully assisted residential customers with so many different projects that trying to list them all would be impossible! Rest assured that we are here to assist with your project, whatever it may be.

It is worth noting that in many cases the best way to begin a project is by taking several photos of the item or items and sending them to us by e-mail with a description of what your needs are. We are generally able to give a ‘ball-park’ estimate to our customer by e-mail without inconveniencing them in any way. Feel free to send an e-mail or use the “Contact Us” section of this website.

We are proud to report that a great number of our residential customers have used us not once, but THREE TIMES OR MORE for their restoration and repair needs.

Stripping and refinishing, repairing broken or loose chairs, touching up nicks, gouges and scuffs…these are among the many services that we offer to meet the needs of our customers. Send us that e-mail with a picture or two of your furniture or give us a call today and let us help get your project taken care of quickly and professionally.