On-Site Refinishing

On-Site Refinishing? Oh, yes we can!

Conference rooms are an important part of your business. Your conference table is the centerpiece of this room. Whether you’re having a Board of Director’s Meeting, signing a major contract or meeting with an important client, your conference table reflects on you and your entire company.

So, what do you do if your conference table isn’t presenting your company in the best way? Replacing a table can be very expensive and typically, really isn’t necessary.

Furniture Medic by Bluegrass Furniture Restoration, Inc has a proven solution for you. Making use of water-based, environmentally friendly systems and with over 20 years’ experience, we can refinish your table without moving the table out of the room.

Our approach begins with preparing the room. This involves masking off the floors, walls, electronics and any other items in the room to properly protect your office. Once the room has been protected, we carefully clean the table with a series of environmentally safe cleaners and then begin removing the existing finish from your table.

Once the finish is removed we make use of double HEPA filtration, vacuum equipped sanding systems to prepare your table for its new stain and finish. Our sanding system keeps dust and other particles from getting into the air, creating a mess and interfering with our ability to apply finish appropriately.

When it comes time to stain the table, you have the opportunity to preview and in some cases change the color if you like! You may have replaced the conference room chairs and want the table to better match the new ones or, you may have put an antique sideboard or other furniture piece in the room and would like the table to better match that piece. Whatever the reason…Furniture Medic will work with you to achieve the outcome that you desire.

After the table has been stained, we apply water-based sealers and eventually the final topcoats. This is done in the conference room! Our goal is to allow your business to function as it would on most any other day. Not only can this be done, it can be done very well!

What are the advantages of On-Site refinishing?

Cost Effective We work at your location – there are no costs associated with moving a large table in and out of the building and there is no risk of damaging the table or other parts of the office when delivering a finished table.

The cost of refinishing a conference table can be as little as 15% – 20% the cost of replacement

Efficiency Because we do not remove the table from your office, we can generally complete the entire refinishing is as little as two (2) working days. This means you are inconvenienced as little as possible and can return to full use of the table 24 hours after we complete the process.

Timely The average table is completed in one day. Larger tables can take two or three days but these are generally over 20 feet in length.

Safe Our Water-Based system is so environmentally friendly that we regularly refinish items in hospitals, office buildings and other ‘public’ areas.

Professional With over 20 years’ experience, you get the benefit of a company that pioneered this approach. We bring our experience and skill to you with every job.

Efficient Because our Water-Based system is so minimally invasive, we can work during normal business hours. No overtime charges. No additional costs for gaining access to buildings after ‘normal business hours’.

If you have a conference table, desk, credenza or reception desk that doesn’t reflect well on you and your company, please give us a call. We will be happy to schedule a visit to your office to best access your needs and propose a solution tailored for you today.